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What is TGNB


The World’s 1st BEP20 TOKEN That
Offers Rewards Contributors.

Since the very beginning, one of our primary objectives has been to develop into something significantly more than merely "another Meme Coin."

In our heads, the Tiger Token conjures up images of exponential growth and an endless variety of possibilities for bringing use cases together in the real world. These images are evoked as we think about the Tiger Token. We aspire to be the equivalent of the tiger in the plains by becoming the tiger in the crypto world.

Our primary objective in being here is to solidify our position as the preeminent power in this market. According to one definition, perseverance is "the determination to continue doing something despite the difficulties or delays encountered in reaching achievement." Our group has reached the zenith of doggedness in our pursuit of success, and we are impelled forward by an intense yearning to accomplish what we set out to do.

After completing the creation of our token on the BSC (BEP-20) Blockchain in the same manner as a great number of other coins have, we will move on to the initial sales of our cryptocurrency. After that, we plan to accomplish a wide range of things in the market, with the most important milestones and stages being those that are outlined in our road map.


Documents, Terms & Conditions



Since Tiger Coin was initially developed as a meme coin, it was initially released without a whitepaper. At this point, we have reached the obvious planning stage, and our team is in the process of writing and planning our whitepaper. Please be patient with us, and the white paper will be published in the following weeks.


Implementation Sheet

September 2021
☑ Site design and development
☑Prior to the marketing launch, assemble a world-class team
☑Build a following of 2,000 people on Twitter and on telegram
October 2021
☑Launch of the Website and the Token
☑Fair launch
☑Security Audit
☑Influencer Marketing Push
☑Push broader Marketing Ads on crypto sites
November 2021
☑Team Expansion
☑Begin to develop the charitable side of the token.
☑Listing on CMC & CG
☑Listing on HotBit
June 2022
Beta version of
July 2022
Listing on LATOKEN
Listing on BKEX
Listing on Kucoin
August 2022
TIGER decentralized exchange
iOS & Android TIGER software wallet
Token Distribution


Tiger Token has a total supply of 1000000000000000 tokens, of which 50% were burned in the first two weeks after its launch. The remaining tokens will be distributed among our users and team, with the percentages shown in the demographic.

The goal to our project is to reward all our HODLers with a stable reward. Something other than our own token, as it will cause uncertainties and doubts, both for when the prices are up high (as the rewards being paid out in our own tokens will cause the price to drop) and for when the prices are low (as it will cause fear in the community). We have chosen the first ever crypto currency as the reward coin we will be using:

BTC. However, we won’t be exactly using BTC, we will use BTCP (Pegged BTC on the BSC network, 1:1 to the original BTC)

to pay out the rewards. This will make everything easier for us and for the community, as everything will be decentralized and rewards will be automatically paid out. As for now, a 6-8 percent fee on each transaction is sold and added to the liquidity, and an additional 6-8 percent fee will be collected to be distributed amongst the holders as their reward. This fee varies between transaction types (buy/sell/send), and is not permanent and might be changed in the future. Users who are collecting the fees can use the decentralized platform provided to withdraw their earnings whenever they like to. There will be no additional fees charged.


Executive team

Olga Stasenkova
CEO & IT Consultant
Radomir Petrovic
CTO & Software Engineer
Helde Egmond
Project Manager
Daniel Haris
Project Founder
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